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On-site IT Services



Our expert IT Engineers are on hand all day, all night and even during bank holidays, so you know we’ll always be there to provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

VoIP Technologies




We create bespoke solutions suited to you.

IT Infrastructure



We will cover all infrastructural needs of your business. Our team of highly experienced, multilingual IT network engineering staff provide you with cost-effective outsourced network design engineering services.






We supply, install and troubleshoot CCTV systems of all kinds. We use the most efficient and reliable technology available and can incorporate the most innovative surveillance equipment on the market.

Cloud Solutions

We will work with you towards digital transformation in your organization.

E-Commerce Services


We provide end to end e-commerce services for all platforms.


Register your domain with us and create a unique and professional email address for your business, click the links below for more information and pricing.

High Performance Hosting – Low Cost

Reliable hosting at an affordable price. We constantly invest in new technologies to make sure your websites and applications are hosted on the best and most secure hardware and software available.

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IT consultancy

Our IT consultancy, help individuals or businesses make technology purchases or strategy decisions and resolve technology challenges.

We have broad knowledge of various IT disciplines including IT relocation, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Network Design and Security, Phone and VoIP Systems, Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, Virtual Environments and more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of advertising that allows for the promotion of brands and products through digital channels like social media, search engines, websites. Various businesses have a specific audience they are trying to reach, and digital marketing aims to help and growth  businesses reach these target consumers through the internet and other digital channels.

Our Digital Market Strategy support covers Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Digital Advertising, E-commerce infrastructure and content.

mn2a ltd.
mn2a ltd.

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